MELT: Migration in Europe and Local Tradition.


The world capital of music with about 1.7 million inhabitants is by far the biggest city in Austria, corresponding to about one quarter of the whole population of Austria. One-fifth of the inhabitants of Vienna are originally from foreign countries with the biggest groups being the Turks, with 48,000 people and migrants from former Yugoslavian territories, with about 120,000 people.

Festival Soho in Ottakring

The festival 2008 invited artists to scrutinise and define the possibilities and functions of (temporary) art projects in an urban surrounding under the theme "What’s up? What’s really going on here?". more…

Urban Narratives

The longterm research survey "Urban Narratives" travelled the MELT cities interviewing artists from primarily migrant backgrounds on their personal and professional biographies. more…

MELT Partner Soho in Ottakring

Soho in Ottakring has grown out of an artists' initiative since the year 1999 and is now established as an association through its continuous efforts and the now well-established annual festival. Soho in Ottakring is the only regularly occuring art project outside Vienna's "Gürtel" ring road that acts as a concrete communication activity in the city. It is based in the 16th district of Vienna, best described as a dense urban redevelopment area with many immigrant inhabitants. One of the strengths of Soho in Ottakring is its continuity, which now spans a period of over ten years. The scope of work today is widespread, involving local groups and institutions throughout the year. Part of the organisation's concept is to involve not only artists, but also community members living and working in the area.


In Ottakring during the Soho in Ottakring Festival by Hertha Pietsch-Zuber


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