MELT: Migration in Europe and Local Tradition.


The Romanian city Sighişoara lies in the historic region of Transylvania. Its old town is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Sighişoara has a population of 32,500 people, which is mainly composed of four different ethnic groups: Romanians, Hungarians, the Roma people and Germans, all of whom have lived together peacefully for many centuries.

ProEtnica Festival

The ProEtnica programme provided three different forum settings addressing the theme of local traditions.The most prominent for the audiences was the performing arts programme, with dance and music performances on the main open-air stage in the citadel square of the old part of Sighişoara. more…

MELT Partner The Educational Interethnic Youth Centre

MELT in Romania was led by the Educational Interethnic Youth Centre (ibz) promoting cultural diversity as a factor of the regional development, intercultural dialogue, social interaction and harmonious coexistence of various ethnic groups in the regions of Romania. The major event organised by ibz each is the nationally acclaimed interethnic Festival "ProEtnica". The festival was held for the eighth time in 2008, presenting MELT as part of its various programmes.


Dance performance at the ProEtnica Festival in Sighişoara by Hertha Pietsch-Zuber


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