MELT: Migration in Europe and Local Tradition.

Munich » MakingMusi

Focusing on traditional music and bringing together different traditions in a playful and experimental atmosphere was one of the key aspects of MELT in Munich. For a period of three months from January to March 2009, the city's residence for international artists Villa Waldberta hosted the SoundLab, where the idea of MakingMusi was brought into life in a lively, experimental atmosphere inviting international MELT musicians to share their traditions and artistic styles with local musicians from Munich.

The MakingMusi participants were introduced to the Bavarian "Hoagartn" tradition and its spirit of spontaneous musical sessions in the informal atmosphere of different public venues where musicians sit and play at tables among the audience, stories are told and a varied range of traditional music and song is performed – in addition to eating and drinking.

Monthly "Hoagartn" have been organised in Munich since 1981 (formerly under the name of "Boarische Hoagartn") by the Department of Arts and Culture and since 2002 musicians from other musical cultures than the Bavarian have occasionally participated. During MELT in Munich more than a dozen MakingMusi "Hoagartn" took place in numerous pubs all over the city, joined by MakingMusicians and enthusiastically received by the audiences and press.

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