MELT: Migration in Europe and Local Tradition.


With about 12.6 Million inhabitants, İstanbul demonstrates a powerful urban environment. The city can be described as a geographical and cultural gateway, situated between two continents and combining three major cultures: the European, the Asian and the North African culture. The coexistence of its multi-ethnic people is also reflected in its diverse music, influenced by Indian, Arabian and Persian elements as well as traditional ottoman and european music currents.

Festival Renk Ahenk

Since Istanbul is a megacity made up of many districts, it is important to strengthen the cultural life and community spirit in its individual districts. Cihangir contains many traces of history as a result of the diverse migration flows and corresponding influences of a variety of local traditions, which have left their mark. more…

MELT Partner Cihangir Neighbourhood Association

A local organisation founded in 1995, the Cihangir Neighbourhood Association aims to develop and realise projects servicing the community of Cihangir, one of the neighbourhoods of Beyoğlu, a district in Istanbul. The topics vary from actual architectural city planning to the protection of children's playgrounds and public places as well as social inclusion of the many different cultures living in this neighbourhood.


Audience at the Renk Ahenk Festival in Istanbul by Cihangir Neighbourhood Association


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